Migrating websites to a new server

I‘ve just migrated several websites to a new server recently and it is not as simple as copy/pasting the folders and restoring the database, there are a few things you need to setup on the new server for everything to run smoothly.

Intial Prep

  1. Backup your website folder
  2. Backup your website database

Not going to go through the details here, very straight forward, lots of tutorials online.

SQL Server Setting

  1. Restore your backed-up database on the new sql server
  2. Delete existing user roles from database (Allows you to add new logins to the database)
  3. Add new user logins to database
  4. Enable SQL configuration port 1433 and add port 1433 to windows firewall inbound rules (this opens up the port to allow remote connection)

Web Server Setting

Change web.config file connection string to new database

Add IUSR, IIS_IUSR allow permission to website folder (For wordpress website plugin updates, otherwise wordpress will ask for your ftp details)

Add ASP.NET to IIS if you have ASP.NET websites

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